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Human bacterial affairs: Selected Work


Human- bacterial affairs

This series of boxes inspired by Josef Cornell's works illustrates our complex relationship with non-human parts of our environment, and how our overwhelming  need for safety is killing us. The first box from left to right, Empty room is full of living beings (bacteria, mice, insects) but our anthropocentric perception of space make us see a room empty if no one is inside the room.  The second box, Speaking Bacterial is an attempt to communicate with bacteria. If  we press the green button on the Arduino breadboard and ear Jingle bells played by a piezo buzzer, the bacteria are welcoming us. If we ear a siren sound we are too far. If  pushing the yellow button, we ear a cricket song, bacteria are drying, and some water has to be spray inside the box (work in progress). The next picture is a detail of Speaking bacterial showing the light and moisture sensors. Memorial is a work for the 23 deaths by detergents in USA in 2016. The next box, Who is the killer? is a part of a scientific paper  about the US army test with a bacteria, Serratia marcescens on an illuminated background. The army needed data on dispersion for its bacterial weapon project. The Army's tests killed some people in the 70s. The last box, Equilibrium, is a wish: could we live together, without fears and manipulation?

Human bacterial affairs: Bio
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