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Let speak Bacterial (detail with moistur


Am I human?

One foot in art, one foot in science (I have a PhD in plant science), the head in stars, I try to keep an uncertain balance. I worked with microalgae, installed as a mobile or on a split object, with airborne microorganisms -growing over a 10-foot specific fabric, floating, -  or with micro propagated cultures of genetically modified plants, plastic, found phones etc, to create a man-made man. My works are a reflection about the world we construct around us to “protect” us, the man-made nature we try to impose to the other organisms, and to ourselves, our fears of any organisms – specially the smallest and invisible ones as bacteria and fungi- we cannot dominate or control, but that are intimately in us. Here is the question: are we bacteria or humans? And what if bacteria were a metaphorical 'us'?
Born in France and living in Montreal, Canada, I am affiliated to Milieux, the Institute for Arts Culture and Technology at Concordia University, in the Speculative Life Lab Cluster.

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