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Workshops, and courses for adults and children

Teaching Science for Children

Teaching Chemistry and Biology at French National Ministry of Education in France and Algeria from 1977 to 1984.

Teaching BioArt for public over 10 year old

*  Workshops on cloning (plant tissue culture) and GMO at the City of Montreal library (Saint Charles library, Montreal) on October, 16th, 2019, at The Sanctuary  for Independant Media (North Troy, NY, USA, 2018) and  at Milieux (Concordia University, Montreal, 2017), and on bacteria at The Sanctuary (2018)

* After school classes at The Sanctuary on Independant Media as part of the team on Environmental Science (2018)

* Promoting science and environment careers among young people especially women in Quebec (Environnement Compétence, Regroupement sectoriel des métiers de l’Environnement, 2007)

Teaching and so on: Bio
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