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Michelle Temple

Nathalie Dubois Calero

In the window of 51, 3rd street gallery, 51, 3rd Street Troy, NY

shrineatnight (2).jpg
parents by day (2).jpg
shrine by day (2).jpg
parentsat night (2).jpg

The piece is a tryptic about the drama of families’ separation at the Mexican border. The central part is a shrine dedicated on the left part to the parents who don’t know where their children are, and on the right part to the children separated from their parents, some of them possibly dead. They can only communicate through sorrows and tears -the red threads.

The left part of the tryptic asks viewers not to forget the parents, and their suffering. An association of solidarity with the immigrants put the signs.

The right part is about those children and their trauma and fears as grey flowers, and their dreams, maybe candies and food.

Deleted families: Photo Gallery
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